Necesito un Guitarist

One of my guitarists dropped out of the band yesterday. There are no hard feelings on either side, he just didn’t have the time to commit himself fully. I’m definitely going to miss him… but now I need to find a new guitarist! The show must go on, or something like that. Also, I am lazy and fear change. So this is kindof giving me a headache.

This band business is tough. You want to find the best musicians possible… but the best musicians possible tend to already be in other bands. Plus, I have no interest in working with total assholes. I’m bitchy enough for one band. Hell, I’m bitchy enough for like 11 bands.

So, this is how it works. You need good musicians with lots of free time who are fun to work with, dedicated to the music and not too likely to get drunk before gigs and throw up all over the sound guy.

Sound guys hate it when you puke on them.

Door guys, too.

Finding people who you mesh with and get along with is super important. Band drama is toxic. It sucks the happiness out of something that should be fun. It can be that thin line between moderate success and total failure. I’ve been really lucky that, in all of my years of working with other musicians, I’ve never had to deal with anyone who has been a bigger diva than me. In fact, all of my various band-mates, wether in the studio or on the stage, have all been incredibly nice people. And talented musicians.

It’s a little bit like winning the lottery.

Every day.

For eight years.

Lucky for me, my drummer (Matt) has a replacement in mind. And I know enough other musicians that I’m slowly getting the word out. Because I refuse to go the craigslist route. So, if you know anyone in the Boston area who is talented, easy-going and not prone to puking on sound guys, definitely let me know.

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  • Dave the guitaist who didn't quit

    Don’t forget to ask for a bass player if a guitarist is hard to come by, Mike is a really good guitar player…who can also do some keys!

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