I <3 Last Minute Gigs

There are two things that make me nervous about gigs. One is that nobody will show up. The other is that I will suck. Ever since I started playing out with my band, the sucking has not really been a concern. These guys are awesome. As long as I don’t forget the words, we’re going to sound good.

People showing up is never really an issue, but it’s still something that I worry about. What can I say? I like to worry. It’s in my nature.

I love last minute gigs, because there’s no pressure. If we get a few folks out to listen to our music, we’ve done well. If everyone has a good time, mission accomplished. Last night? I feel like I should have handed out some freaking medals.

We agreed to play at the Plough and Stars last night with less than 24 hours notice. I think we had about ten or so folks brave a blizzard warning to come and hear us. The regulars got into it as well. I love having an appreciative audience. I feed off it, like some sort of positive feedback sucking vampire. I hope they all got something out of it as well.

I probably should have headed home a lot earlier than I did. By the time I hit the road, the blizzard was upon us. There was nobody on the road but me, the policy’s and some emergent vehicles. I’m not dumb enough to thing that having 4WD makes me invincible, but I was not sorry to have it.

I crawled into bed a little after 2am and then slept until just before noon. I almost felt like a real rock star.

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