I <3 Last Minute Gigs

There are two things that make me nervous about gigs. One is that nobody will show up. The other is that I will suck. Ever since I started playing out with my band, the sucking has not really been a concern. These guys are awesome. As long as I don’t forget the words, we’re [...]

Benefit Gig for PAWS New England

On October 17th (that’s a week from this coming Sunday), I’ll be hosting a benefit concert for PAWS New England. Here are the details:

Who: Music lovers of all ages (a rare chance to take the kids to a show with you!) What:  A benefit gig for PAWS New England Where: The Polish American [...]

Why You Should Attend the 17th Annual Mardi Gras Ball

Because I will be a special guest singer.

Duh. This one is a no-brainer!

Because it benefits a damn good cause.

The New Orleans Musicians Clinic does some seriously important work. They provide medical care and wellness programs to musicians who otherwise couldn’t afford it. These men and women have spent their lives creating [...]

Will Sing For Jeans

Looks like I’m playing a gig at a GAP. And they’re paying me in jeans. Seeing as how my fat ass split my last decent pair, I’d say that this is a good deal.

I’ll be playing a stripped down set with an acoustic guitar. I may or may not have my guitarist, Dave, [...]

The Funnest, Albeit Disastrous, Gig EVAR

Any gig that begins with me getting electrocuted usually ends in tears and unhappiness. But, last night’s gig at Sally O’Briens was a ton of fun.

It started with a scheduling mixup, it ended in broken equipment and we had a blast the entire time.

Things that went wrong last night:

The headliner somehow [...]

CD Release Party!

My CD release party keeps getting closer and closer, despite my best attempts at procrastination.

It will be at the Middle East Upstairs on June 21st at 1pm (doors). Tickets are a suggested donation of $10 and all of the money will go to Students for a Free Tibet and the Shree Mangal Dvip [...]

Reminder! Show Tonight!

The deets:

Who: Me + the Mysterious Band of Mystery (I’m not even sure who’s playing with me) What: An awesome show of awesomeness Where: The Cantab Lounge in Central Square When: Tonight at 9pm (doors open around

The show is 21+. Bring $8 or they won’t let you in.

It’s your last [...]

At Long Last… the Official Release Party!

It’s totally cool to have a CD Release Party six months after your album comes out? Right?

I mean, if it takes you eight years to get your act together and record said album, that just stretched out the timeline.

I’m like an unknown Guns and Roses.

Except, you know, Beer and Pie [...]

New Show!

I’ve got another show lined up. Apparently the folks at Twisted Rico like my stuff, because they’ve asked me back to play my third gig at the Cantab Lounge in as many months. The previous two shows were a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to playing another one.

The important information:

Who: [...]