Hey Ms. Tambourine Gal


I’ve started playing tambourine in the band. Which, if my sources are to be believed, means that I am now Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats.

I also play a mean egg shaker.

At first it felt a little silly, but I think it does add a certain something-something. And by something-something, I mean [...]

[Insert Staples Joke Here]

Hey… that was easy.

Within 48 hours of losing one of my guitarists, we’d invited a new guitarist to come play with us, decided that he rocked and invited him to join the band.

I wish that this music business was always this easy!

Necesito un Guitarist

One of my guitarists dropped out of the band yesterday. There are no hard feelings on either side, he just didn’t have the time to commit himself fully. I’m definitely going to miss him… but now I need to find a new guitarist! The show must go on, or something like that. Also, I [...]

Band Practice!

Tonight, after a “brief” hiatus (geologically speaking, three months could be considered brief) we had band practice. We were a little rusty at first (as a solid democracy, we took turns fucking up), but things settled in nicely. It was almost like we hadn’t just spent a quarter of a year letting ourselves get [...]