The Great Facebook Fan Drive

If facebook fans aren’t real friends, does that make facebook fans not real fans?

I’ll have to think about that one.

At any rate, I have a facebook fan page. Which, up until a couple of days ago, had a respectable but not overwhelming number of fans. It was a little under a hundred. [...]

Some Incoming Links

I hope that I never reach the point where I don’t get giddy when people say nice things about me online. 

I got a really nice write-up on Free and Flawed yesterday. Check out Jen’s site. Especially if you enjoy humorous drawings created in MS Paint (which I do enjoy! exceedingly so!) I think [...]

CD Release Party!

My CD release party keeps getting closer and closer, despite my best attempts at procrastination.

It will be at the Middle East Upstairs on June 21st at 1pm (doors). Tickets are a suggested donation of $10 and all of the money will go to Students for a Free Tibet and the Shree Mangal Dvip [...]